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D O N ' T   T A K E   I T   F R O M   M E

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Mark is CREATIVE, innovative, driven, and passionate about his work. He loves to read and teach...and brings BIG fresh thinking to every project. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Mark in many roles (architecture, product design and marketing), and he always elevates a project and team. Mark has talent that is rare and valuable to any business.


Owner & President Atrium Sourcing

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Mark has a distinct ability to develop a clear vision unlike anyone else I have met. Where are we, where do we need to be and how do we get there... Mark has clear vision on these things like it is his super power.


President, Keybridge Medical Revenue Care

Reviewing Images

Mark is one of the most creative and intelligent thinkers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His ability to mine ideas and bring them to life is world class. I consider him to be one of our greatest assets at Thirty-One over the last 9 years!


Chief Brand Officer, Thirty-One Gifts

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It is an absolute privilege to work with Mark. He is a dynamic, caring, and incredibly effective leader who brings the best of design-thinking, business strategy, and brand acumen to every project. His work is recognizable for its exceptional ability to convey the story and experience his clients and partners deserve. He is not limited by mundane constraints and finds innovative solutions to business processes of any discipline. Mark is an influential steward of the people and capital needed to deliver impressive results on any project he supports. He takes on a challenge of any size with the same patience and care needed to completely understand what it takes to do it right.


Owner, Whatbox Consulting Group

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Mark is a highly organized, self-motivated individual. He excelled in every task with which he was presented. He is exceptional at creative problem solving and thinking outside the box. His abilities are matched by his exceptional desire to do good work and his work ethic. Mark will be a leader in any position he finds in life.


Owner, Bass Studio Architects

The Wall of Ideas

Mark is a big thinker who is a tremendous asset for any company. He is a life-long learner, a true "leader-reader", who is constantly looking to better the business and challenge the status quo. He has an infectious enthusiasm that brings people together and a leadership style that gets results. Mark can identify hidden opportunities in any organization and has the influence and ability to organize teams to turn opportunities into results.


Finance Executive, CFO

Thinking Man

Mark Supelak is one of the most talented individuals that I have worked with throughout my lifelong career. His fresh approach and disciplined process to bring design thinking and innovative results to any project is masterful. Mark's background as an architect has provided a powerful foundation and bridge to active leadership in strategic innovation in varied business functions. During the years that I worked with Mark, he became my BEST thought partner in the company to lead innovation in the areas of design, strategy and new business development all while building strong partnerships and mentoring along the way. Mark will add lasting value to any project, team, individual or company that he touches. He is truly a rare talent.


Marketing Executive & Coach

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