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T H E   S T O R Y

A page or two of a resume rarely does any of us justice.  That might be especially true when you have a rare evolution like mine.  On the surface, 12+ years of high level architecture coupled with 12 more years in various forms of business leadership, doesn't fit into a box so easily.  At least not the common boxes many companies most often draw. But those with whom I've worked would tell you a different story, that my evolution and how I leverage it, makes far more sense than one might realize.  

I have been, I am, an Architect.  The track is like that of doctors; multiple degrees, followed by years of intern development, followed eventually by some extensive testing, and finally ending with the proverbial "white coat" of residency or licensure.   Success was found in architecture. There were full-ride scholarships, design awards and a license in hand before the age of 30, which, at the time and in the state of Ohio, was rare. Architectural design and its practice came easy. 

​A profession helping people strategize, plan, design and make great things was just the beginning. Those same research & design thinking methods at the core of Architecture are also extremely valuable (and rare) in business spaces.  It is an evolution that piqued my interest as I engaged with business clients and their entrepreneurial spirit. When one of them, for whom I had built a headquarters, reciprocated interest in drawing me into their business as it grew by a hundred million dollars year over year over year, I leaned into the opportunity, the evolution and sharpened my business acumen on their needs.

​In the years since, I’ve made a practice of running at fires and leaning into uncertainty from which so many others shy away.  With only profound curiosity, wide business acumen, agile iterative design thinking, and a careful situational leadership touch – I’ve delivered remarkable solutions, by connecting dots in ways few were considering. Depending on the language you use, it might be strategy, innovation, or somehow captured under a broad umbrella of marketing via strategic “new opportunity” identification and all that goes into their vetting & pursuit. They are skills, expertise, tenacity and leadership that cross-cut industries and business types adaptably. It’s a rich and diverse background with depth and breadth that yields the T-shaped people so many organizations desire.

​Yes, a page or two of resume can only tell you so much.  Imagery of a few samples only paint part of the picture.  The book we are authoring gives it some more depth.  They each tell a bit of the story.  Taken all together, the architect blazing a trail into leadership of brand, strategy and innovation, is one that makes a profound amount of sense.

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